How To Update To Latest Version?

WinEth has an automatic update system.  When the application is launched it checks for updates and downloads them in the background.  The next time you launch the app you will have the latest version.  To ensure you have the latest version you can run the app, wait a minute, then exit and restart it.  You can also always download the setup from our homepage and run it again to update to the latest version.

Windows is Crashing

Mining is a resource intensive process and will quickly expose any flaws in your hardware or driver configuration.  Low quality memory, insufficient cooling, or inadequate power supplies can cause crashes.  The best thing to do if you experience a blue screen is to update Windows and download the latest drivers for your graphics card.

How To Change NanoPool Payout Frequency

After mining for a few hours click the link in the app to open your Nanopool page.  From there you can configure settings for payout amount as low as 0.05 ETH.  To do this you will need to have configured an email address in WinEth to use as your password on Nanopool.

The Miner Is Stuck On “Starting Mining…”

If you see this message for more than five minutes then the miner is crashing on your machine.  Most of the time this is due to an old video card which is unsupported, or a video card with less than 3GB of memory.  This may also occur on 32bit Windows machine.  WinEth requires 64bit. You can submit a support ticket and provide your GPU information, or your wallet address, so we can look up your logs on our system – We can verify what the problem is.

Can I force OpenCL mining on my nVidia card?

Some older nVidia cards that normally fail may actually mine using OpenCL.  When the miner is stopped, right-click anywhere in the application and check the box labeled “Force OpenCL”, then start the miner.  You currently have to do this each time you launch WinEth.  Only supported on WinEth 1.0.33 or higher.
Note: Starting with the upcoming WinEth 1.3.1, this option is available by clicking the “Advanced” button in the top right of the application.