Danny P. Bourgeois

Donna Douglas was one of the best actresses in the 1960s and 1970s. Although the actress died in 2015, she has continued to be remembered for her skills and contributions. She was survived by her only child, Danny P. Bourgeois, who was born in 1954.

Danny was born in 1954 the same year Donna and her husband Roland Bourgeois Jr divorced. Danny’s parents married in 1951, but the marriage was short-lived for unknown reasons.

Despite Danny being a celebrity because of his mother’s career, he has led a quiet lifestyle, away from the media. While most of his details remain unknown, it is clear that he is a father to three children and a grandfather. In 2015, he had two grandchildren.

What is Danny’s Career

Danny is a private person who has lived away from the limelight. Although some sources indicate that Danny followed in his mother’s footsteps, there are only two films in his name. According to IMDb, Danny appeared in two films including Tout Simplement Country in 2019.

But considering that he has only appeared in two films, it is clear that he had another career. But, there are no public records about it.

Danny P. Bourgeois

Danny’s Mother

Donna Douglas also called Doris Lone Smith was Danny’s mother. The American actress and singer became a celebrity after she acted as Elly May Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies which ran from 1962 to 1971.

After she found success as an actress, Donna went on to do other careers. She was a real estate agent, a gospel singer, and an inspirational speaker, who loved motivating children.

Donna grew up in Pride, Louisiana in a family of two. She loves spending time with her older brother and cousins. She attended St. Gerald Catholic High School and made it to the school’s first graduating class.

Donna was an active student who played softball and basketball. She was recognized for her beauty, which encouraged her to vie for Miss Baton Rouge. She was also crowned as the Miss New Orleans in 1957.

After graduating, she relocated to New York City to look for show business opportunities. She appeared in several advertisements and television roles, during her early years in New York.

Despite numerous acting roles in the 1950s and 1960s, Douglas garnered fame and public attention in 1962 when she was selected from over 500 young actresses to act in The Beverly Hillbillies.

Although she became so popular because of the movie, she started singing gospel music, because her acting career did not advance that much. She continued singing while acting.

Moreover, after the 1962 film finished production, Douglas got a real-estate license. However, she did not work as a real estate agent for long because of acting and singing.

Was Donna Douglas Married?

Donna was married at 16 years and gave birth to her son at 21. However, she divorced her first husband in 1955 and went on to marry Robert M. Leeds in 1971. They divorced in 1980.

Danny’s mother died in 2015, after battling pancreatic cancer.