Judith Varnado’s Early Life, Family Ties, and Personal Life

Varnado is the mother of Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado, popularly known as Sasha Banks in professional wrestling. Despite the success of her daughter, Judith has kept a low profile focusing on her family and personal life. This post examines Judith Varnado’s childhood, family background, education, career, physical appearance, net worth, relationship with her famous daughter and online presence.

Early Life

Judith Varnado was born in the United States in 1944. Growing up in a modest home she got the typical American upbringing. There are no records of her early life as Judith has always been private. But she did grow up with family values and a sense of community that shaped her later parenting and life.

Family Ties

Judith has several cultural backgrounds. She married Reo Varnado, the entrepreneur who owns Reo’s Ribs. Together they raised a family out of love and respect. Judith and Reo had two children: Mercedes (Sasha Banks) and Joshua Varnado. That the family has always been close meant they support each other through trials and victories.

Educational Background

Judith Varnado attended a local high school in her town. Specifics of her educational path are not available but she clearly valued education and taught her children the same value. In her family life she has stressed learning and personal development.


The professional life of Judith Varnado has largely been private. She has spent much of her time supporting her family and household tasks. Her husband Reo Varnado was an entrepreneur and Judith helped him out. Her primary concern has been her family, giving her kids everything they needed to succeed.

Personal Life

Family values and devotion to loved ones are a hallmark of Judith Varnado. She was married until Reo Varnado died January 14, 2022. Judith has always been there for her family – supportive and encouraging. She is very loving and supportive of her children – especially Sasha Banks. In her private life Judith shows commitment to family and ability to handle life’s challenges gracefully.

Physical Appearance

Judith Varnado is warm and approachable. Her height is average and she has maintained a healthy lifestyle over the years. Judith has kind eyes and a welcoming smile – which are her hallmark. She is simple but elegant and often wears comfortable classic clothes.

Net Worth

While Judith Varnado’s individual net worth is not documented, her family finances are sound. Her daughter Sasha Banks is a wrestler who has built the family wealth. The net worth of Sasha Banks is estimated at around USD 3 million, which has certainly provided financial security for the Varnado family.


Family, love and strength define Judith Varnado’s life. She is the mother of a wrestling superstar whose values and success she has shaped. Her story is one of dedication, strength and support – and she is an inspiration to her family.