Nicholas Dubrow: Background, Education, Family, and Career

Nicholas Dubrow is the son of television personality Heather Dubrow and plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow. Growing up in the limelight, Nick has created a path for himself amid the chaos of fame. Here we discuss Nick’s early years, family background, education, career, physical appearance, net worth, and online presence. Without wasting any time, let’s delve right into it.


Nicolas Dubrow was born November 24, 2003 in California. Nick was raised by Heather and Terry Dubrow. Being in a reality TV family put him in the public eye early on. Despite fame and its problems, Nick had a loving family growing up.

Family Ties

Nick is the son of a cultural and professionally rich family. His mother is former actress and Orange County star Heather Dubrow. He has a father, plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow, who starred on the show “Botched.” Nick has three siblings: his twin sister Maximillia “Max” Dubrow and younger siblings Katarina and Ace. The Dubrow family is known for being close knit and supportive of Nick.

Educational Background

Nick Dubrow attended high school in California – he excelled both academically and extracurricular. In 2022 he graduated and attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He picked the university because he wants to stay home while he studies. Academically, Nick has always been driven by excellence and curiosity about learning.


Currently, Nick Dubrow is still young. He has not taken a specific professional route yet, but his upbringing suggests he may take a career in entertainment or medicine, like his parents. Some of Nick’s interests include sports and creative arts.

Personal Life

Nick Dubrow has a fairly secretive private life despite his family being public. He is known to be down to earth and has solid family values. Nick spends time with his family and friends, outside activities and interests.

Physical Description

Nick Dubrow has a friendly disposition. Standing about average height, he has a trim figure that attributes to his active lifestyle and regular exercise. Nick has slightly dark hair with a warm smile. He’s a fine young man.

Financial Net Worth

Specifics on Nick Dubrow’s net worth are not available because of his young age but he clearly has a comfortable life thanks to his family’s finances. However, we do know that his father Terry Dubrow has an estimated net worth of USD 50 million. But as Nick studies and develops a career, his personal net worth will probably become known well.


Nicholas Dubrow’s story blends unique experiences, family values and personal growth. He grew up with values of education, resilience and creativity. So whether he follows his parents or creates his own path, Nick is bound to have an exciting ride. In couple of years to come, we will probably get to know more about this amazing young man.