Shanna Underwood Means’ Early Life, Career, and Family

Shanna Underwood Means is the older sister of country music superstar Carrie Underwood. Even though she chooses to avoid the spotlight, here’s what we do know about Shanna:

Early Life and Family Ties

Shanna Underwood Means is notably known as the older sister of American singer Carrie Underwood. Born in 1970, Shanna grew up in Checotah, Oklahoma, with her siblings Carrie and their younger sister Stephanie Shelton. They were raised by their parents Stephen and Carole Underwood in a small town where “everybody knows everybody.”

Educational Background

Shanna left the music scene that brought her sister fame. Instead, she pursued a career in the world of education. Shanna has made a lasting impact on her students as an elementary school teacher even though her public profile is low-key.

Career and Net Worth

While Shanna’s net worth isn’t widely reported, her love of teaching says something. She became a teacher like their mother. Reports say she taught in her native Checotah, Oklahoma, before moving to Liberty Public Schools in Mounds, Oklahoma, where she has spent more than two decades teaching there. She is committed to making young minds shine.

Online Presence

Unlike her celeb sister, Shanna doesn’t use social media or have an online presence. She is more focused on work and family – away from the digital noise.

Physical Appearance

The details on how Shanna looks physically are scant as she would rather keep her private than make her appearance public. But her family ties and moments with Carrie and Stephanie remain special memories.

Personal Life

Shanna is married to Martin Means, with whom she has three children – daughter, Breanna Means, and sons Cody Means and Max Means. In her private life she focuses on family.

Her Sister, Carrie Underwood

Shanna Underwood Means’ Early Life, Career, and Family

Born in 1983, Carrie Underwood wasn’t always belting out chart hits. Raised on an Oklahoma farm, she discovered music very early. A brief detour into broadcast journalism studies led Underwood to audition for American Idol in 2004. Her powerful vocals and downright charm won her the show in 2005.

Her debut album was a smash hit and became the best-selling solo debut female country album ever. Hits including “Inside Your Heaven” and “Before He Cheats” showed her versatility for pop and country audiences. The accolades followed – Underwood won three Grammy Awards – including Best New Artist.

Underwood does more than make music. She’s a seven-time Grammy winner, a regular at award shows and an entrepreneur. Her career has brought her USD 140 million net worth.

Underwood married hockey player Mike Fisher in 2010. They’ve created a happy life together despite obstacles including a serious injury Underwood sustained in 2017. Through it all, her kind spirit and dedication to her craft inspire millions.


While Shanna Underwood Means is no household name, she is a phenomenal educator and sister to a popular figure. Her quiet strength and dedication to family makes her an underrated hero in the Underwood family tradition.