Ahmad Rashad Jr

Ahmad Rashad Jr is the son of Ahmad Rashad. His father is an American sportscaster and former professional footballer. He played the position of wide receiver, and his time as a football has contributed to his fame that has extended to his family, including his son, Ahmad Rashad Jr. His father has been in different marriages and we will talk more about his life and career in this post.

Who is Ahmad Rashad Jr?

Your surname can easily push you to the celebrity status as in the case of Ahmad Rashad Jr. He is recognized for being the son of Ahmad Rashad. His father is a former football player, who played position of wide receiver.

Ahmad Rashad created a legacy during his active years and his son is riding in his popularity. Ahmad Rashad Jr was born during the second marriage of his father with Matilda Johnson. Ahmad has one a sister, Maiyisha, who was born in 1976. As for Ahmad, he is the second child of his family and he was born in 1978.

Education and Career

Unlike his father, Ahmad Rashad Jr is not so much in the limelight. Most information about him is unavailable, and we are yet to get details about his educational background. He hasn’t shared where he attended school or what career he is pursuing.

However, we believe that he is in the entertainment industry, but no clear information has been shared so far. Ahmad has also not disclosed any sources of income that he has to help with creating his wealth. However, we hope to have more information as time goes and we will update the post.

Who is Ahmad Rashad Jr’s Father?

Ahmad Rashad is the famous father of Ahmad Rashad Jr. His birth name is Robert Earl Moore and he was born on November 19, 1949. Ahmad was born in Portland, Oregon, but his family later moved to Tacoma, Washington. It was in Tacoma that he started playing football in high school while studying at Mount Tahoma High School.

Ahmad was then accepted to join the University of Oregon with an athletic scholarship. He joined the institution’s team and played football under coach Jerry Fei.

Ahmad then converted from Pentecostalism to Islam in 1972. He had opted for Islam and after studying it in college, he switched to it and changed his name from Bobby Moore to Ahmad Rashad.

Personal Life and Ahmad’s Father

Ahmad Rashad has married five times and divorced four times. He is a father of six children from all his marriages. His first marriage was with Deidre Waters, in 1969. The marriage welcomed a daughter. Keva was born in 1970, and in that year, Ahmad became a father with another woman.

He then married Matilda Johnson in 1976, and the couple welcomed two children. Ahmad then married Phylicia Ayers-Allen in 1985, and they welcomed a daughter in the following year. In 2007, Ahmad married Nancy Sale, his fourth wife, and they welcomed three daughters. The fifth marriage was in 2016, to Ana Lux Rodriguez.