Clyde Jay Jennings

Clyde Jay Jennings is a celebrity personality who is known for being the only son of the late Martha Mitchell. Clyde is among the few lucky people born in a wealthy family. His mother and maternal grandparents were well connected politically, enabling Martha to have a better education, and hence connect with professional people.

Clyde Jay Jennings’ Bio

Clyde was born in 1947 as the only son of Martha Mitchell and Clyde Jennings Jr.  Clyde has a half-sister named Marty although very little information about her is available on the internet. Clyde grew up in Rye, New York City where he was born.

Clyde’s father was an Army officer of The United States. After serving for many years, he retired becoming a salesman.

While most of Clyde’s details have remained unknown, he worked as a GAO investigator later in life.

Clyde Jay Jennings’ Mother

Martha Elizabeth Beall Micthell was a famous personality and the mother of Clyde Jay. She was the only child of her parents. Growing up, she lived in a house that was a bit distant from other families. As a result, she was playing with the children of her African-American mammy who was living with her family.

Martha grew up singing in the church choir. Her mother was so hopeful of her that she thought she could become an opera singer in the future. On the other hand, Martha wanted to be an actress, and even enrolled for acting classes. However, despite all the efforts, her family would not allow her to pursue acting.

Clyde’s mother graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in history. One year after graduating, she taught in Mobile, Alabama, until she left it, citing she hated it. After World War II, she began working as a secretary at Pine Bluff Arsenal.

Alongside her boss, she was transferred to Washington, D. C where she met her first husband, Clyde Jay Jennings. The duo married in October 1946 and relocated to Rye, New York.

Shortly after the wedding, Martha’s husband was honorably discharged. As a result, he began working as a traveling bag salesman. The couple welcomed their only son Clyde in 1947, but the family bond would last longer because Jennings spent a lot of time away from home. They divorced in 1957, after a year of separation.

Soon after divorcing her first husband, she met John N. Micthell a lawyer. They were married on December 30, 1957, and settled in Rye, New York. In 1961, Martha and her husband welcomed their daughter Marty.

Martha came into the limelight when she was married to the American lawmaker who became the Attorney General of Richard Nixon. During this time, she became an outspoken lady, often calling press coverages to share political gossip.

During the Watergate scandal which resulted in President Nixon’s resignation, Martha became a known personality for her controversial statements. As a result, she was nicknamed Martha the Mouth or The Mouth of the South.

Despite her husband’s efforts to prevent Martha from talking to the press, she found her way into public coverage. She died in 1976 at 56 years after battling myeloma.