Gerard Gravano

Gerard Gravano is the son of Sammy Gravano. His father is a reputable actor and producer and it’s through his father’s reputation that Gerard Gravano is hitting the limelight. Gravano’s father is a former American mobster and his rose to fame for being the under-boss of the Gambino crime family. Although he was a mobster, Gerard’s father is widely known and, as we will discuss in this post, there is more in his life worth talking about. Let’s dig in and understand more about Gerard Gravano and his father.

Biography of Gerard Gravano

Gerard is the son of Sammy Gravano and his wife Debra Gravano. Details about his birth are unavailable, as he was kept private and his parents didn’t want the children to get into the limelight. His father opted for the privacy, considering he was known for being an under-boss of a mobster family.

Gerard was brought up alongside his sister, Karen Gravano. His parents married in 1971, but divorced in 1996.

Education and Career

We have no information on the education background of Gerard Gravano. Additionally, we have no facts on his career, or what business he has ventured in to make ends meet.

However, Gerard was brought up enjoying the best in life as his father had accumulated much from his time as an under-boss for a crime family. However, he was also a YouTuber and through the two roles, he had enough to cater to his family’s needs.

Who is Gerard’s Father?

Gerard is the son of Salvatore Gravano. However, his father is popularly known as “Sammy the Bull.” He was born in March 12, 1945, and his reputation was because of being an American former mobster. During his prime days, he rose to the role of being the under-boss of the Gambino crime family.

While being the under-boss, Gerard’s father agreed to become a government witness and helped bring down other gangsters, especially the crime family’s boss. Salvatore was born on March 12, 1945, in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

He was the son of Giorlando and Caterina Gravano. Gerard’s father had four siblings and he was the youngest in the family. His mother came into America as a young girl and her birth place was in Italy. His father came to America after he jumped ship in Canada.

Career and Criminal Activities

Gravano was a former mobster and his determination saw him get the role of being the under-boss for the Gambino crime family. The crime family was involved in several murders and at one point, Gravano made a deal with the government to testify against other criminals for his freedom.

He testified against the crime family’s boss, and confessed to being involved in 19 murders committed by the crime family. Gravano began his crime activities under the Colombo crime family before joining the Gambino family. Notably, he was among the people who planed the execution of Gambino boss Paul Castellano in 1985.

Gravano was charged with criminal activities and involvement with murder. His deal to testifiy against other ctriminal gave him a sentence leniency, but he still served his sentence and learned his lesson.