Arleata Williams: Background, Early Life, Marriage, and Family

Arleata Williams was born on 30 October, 1941 in Newark, New Jersey, as Arleata Goldie. She is most famous for being the wife of Otis Williams, one of the founding members of Motown group the Temptations. Her childhood and private life have largely been private, as she has chosen to maintain a fairly low profile.

Arleata Williams’ Family and Personal Life

In 1983, Arleata married Otis Williams. Otis Williams was born Otis Miles Jr. His work with the Temptations is considered one of the most influential groups in soul and R&B history. The couple married for 14 years until 1997.

Arleata Williams never had children with Otis during their marriage. But he adopted Arleata’s daughter from another relationship, Elan Carter. Elan was born July 3, 1969, and also was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in June 1994. Elan also models internationally in Mexico, Europe, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Professional Life

Arleata Williams is most famous for marrying Otis Williams but has avoided the limelight and has not had a public career. She has lived for her family and supported Otis in his music since marriage.

Arleata Williams’ Marriage to Otis Williams

Arleata first dated Otis Williams in 1982 and wed in a secret service in 1983. Arleata attended public events with Otis throughout their marriage and was a part of his life and work. And although they were dating publicly, Arleata preferred to remain low key and focused on family relationships over media attention.

Divorce and Life After

Arleata divorced Otis Williams after 14 years of marriage in 1997. Reasons for divorce cited “irreconcilable differences,” as the parties kept the details secret, showing respect for one another. Arleata has since kept a low profile following the divorce. These snapshots give a window onto a content life escaping the public scrutiny that came with her marriage to a music legend.

Who is Otis Williams- Creator of The Temptations?

Otis Williams is an American musician and one of the founding members of The Temptations. The stage name Williams adopted was his mother’s maiden name. Relocating with his mom to Detroit, Michigan, at age ten was the turning point of his career.

Williams formed his first singing group in Detroit – Otis Williams and The Siberians, later the El Domingoes and The Distants. The Distants became local stars with their single “Come On,” but “The Temptations” were not formed until they merged with another local band, The Primes, in 1960. This merger produced the classic lineup that became legendary in music.


Arleata Williams’ life, although known primarily as her association with Otis Williams, is a story of personal strength, discretion and devotion to family. She chose privacy after her public marriage and divorce to show a preference for personal fulfillment and family over publicity. Hers is an interesting story not only due to her connection to a music icon but also because of the grace and strength she’s shown in life.