Davion Brink’s Family, Career, and Net Worth

Davion Brink’s mom Maria Brink fronts the loud rock band In This Moment, but Davion has made his own path in sports and art. This articles digs into his early life, education, and other important aspects of his life.


Davion was born on April 14th, 1992 in Albany, New York. His mother Maria was only 17 when he was born. Things were never easy and Maria worked multiple jobs to support herself and Davion. Davion saw his mom work hard as a kid and it definitely showed in him. Such early experiences shaped him into the strong driven man he is today.

Family Ties

Davion Brink was brought up with music and strength. His mom, the amazing Maria Brink, was more than a singer – she was an inspiration. Her powerful performances and touching lyrics were Davion’s first encounter with the arts. Seeing his mom – a teenage mom herself – become a music star gave him a respect for determination and work. Davion learned to be resilient and chase your dreams with just your mom by your side.

Education: A Foundation of Excellence

Music was not everything for Davion. At Colonie Central High School in New York, he was a double threat – in academics and athletics. A hungry learner, he was also a fast runner on the football field. He even was a running back at Washburn University in Kansas.


The career of Davion Brink has been varied in his interests and abilities. He played football for Washburn University. Davion has also worked in the creative arts as a creative director/artist besides sports. How he manages to balance these two career paths shows versatility and drive. While looking for opportunities in both fields, Davion remains a driven individual.

Personal Life

Davion Brink has a fairly private life focusing on family and personal growth. He has a grounded personality and solid family values that he credits to his mother. Davion spends time with his family, being outside and being creative. His private life is the reflection of his balanced lifestyle.

Physical Description

Davion Brink stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 86 kilograms, showcasing his athletic physique that reflects his involvement in sports. His built body is a result of training and an active lifestyle. In addition to his appearance Davion exudes confidence. He possesses a laid back demeanor making him a well-liked individual both on and off the field.

Financial Status

Although specific information regarding Davion Brinks worth is not readily accessible to the public, it is estimated to fall within the range of $100,000 to $1 million. His earnings stem from his football career and his role as a director. Despite achieving success Davion remains down to earth. He prioritizes personal and professional development over monetary wealth.


Davion Brink’s life is a story of resilience, versatility and dedication. From his early years watching his mother struggle to his own success in sports and the arts, Davion has shown he can overcome obstacles and follow his passions.