Melvin Earl Combs

Sean Diddy is not a new name for most people. His is widely known for being among the most successful American rappers, record executive, record producers, and cultural icons. However, his father is not well known and even Sean Diddy didn’t get enough time to know his father. Despite that, this post will give you any available facts we have about Melvin Earl Combs to sharpen your insights about him. Let’s begin!

Who is Melvin Earl Combs

Well, Melvin Earl Combs is known for being the late father of Sean Diddy. His son has established himself in the entertainment industry but his father’s reputation still haunts him. Melvin Earl Combs was an American man born on April 15, 1938. His birth place is New York, New York City.

Melvin was a father and a husband. His children are Sean Diddy and Keisha Combs. Unfortunately, Melvin didn’t get enough time with his children as he died when they were young. During his death, his son, Sean Diddy, was only three years old.

Melvin Earl Combs

Melvin Earl Combs Education and Career

Melvin Earl Combs’ early life is not well documented. There is little information about who he was as a child and what life was like for him when growing up.

However, Melvin ended up becoming a gangster and joined different gangs dealing with drugs and other activities. He was slowly solidifying his name as a gangster while making money from the illegal activities.

Melvin Earl Combs’ Death

Sean Diddy had refrained for long talking about his father’s death for personal reasons. However, a time came for him to open up on what his father’s death was and what impact it had on his life growing up.

If you missed it, Melvin Earl Combs died aged 33 years old and his death resulted from him getting shot while sitted in his car on New York’s Central park. When Melvin died, his son Diddy was only three years old.

Diddy shared that he felt his father’s death denied him the chance to know him better. However, he referenced his father as a hustler who got into drugs and gangs as a way of trying to make ends meet and provide for his family. Although Diddy didn’t get the room to share more with his father, he still expresses his love for him and says the three years he had with him gave him time to bond a bit with him.

Who is Melvin Earl Combs’ Son?

The late Melvin Earl Combs would have been proud of his son. Sean John Combs, popularly known as P Diddy, Puff Daddy, and Puff, is the celebrity son of Melvin Earl Combs. He was born on November 4, 1969, in New York City.

Over the years, Sean has created his career as an American rapper, record producer, record executive, and an entrepreneur. His time in the industry since 1990 has earned him fame while also helping him provide for his seven children.