Rosalie Macchio

Any parent is happy when they see their children excelling in their careers and making a living from it. For Rosalie Macchio, she is such a parent and her popularity is attributed to being the mother of Ralph Macchio.

If you just heard about Rosalie’s son, he is an actor mainly known for appearing in the Karate Kid franchise. His lead role in the movie pushed him into the limelight and helped create a career for him. Rosalie’s son is a star and its thanks to his determination that we are talking about Rosalie Macchio in today’s post.

Who is Rosalie Macchio?

As mentioned, Rosalie is widely recognized as the mother of Ralph Macchio. As for Rosalie, nothing else puts her into the limelight. In fact, little is known about her as no public records about her childhood, personal life, education background, or career are available online.

Luckily for her, even though she is not in the center of the limelight, her son has managed to create a career that has made her a celebrity mother. Rosalie is the wife of Ralph Macchio Sr and is now the grandmother to Julia and Daniel Macchio.

As a mother, Rosalie did an excellent task of raising her son and caring for her family. Rosalie is the mother of two children. Her other son is Steven Macchio. Just like Rosalie, he too, isn’t a pubic figure as he hasn’t taken up a career that pushes him into the limelight.

Who is Rosalie Macchio’s Son?

This post would be incomplete without talking about Rosalie Macchio’s son. Rosalie is the proud mother of Ralph Macchio. Her son is an American actor and he created his reputation for taking the lead role of Daniel LaRusso, in the 1984 Karate Kid film.

He was involved in the other subsequent films of the franchise, including The Karate Kid Part 11(1989) and in the Cobra Kai TV series. Talking about his biography, Ralph Macchio was born on November 4, 1961. He was born in Huntington, New York. His profession is being an actor and he has been active since 1979.

Ralph Macchio is also a husband and a father. He married his wife Phyllis Macchio on April 5, 1987, and the couple is blessed with children Julia and Daniel Macchio. The couple lives happily together and enjoys their best moment.

Career Development of Rosalie Macchio’s Son

Ralph Macchio started his career appearing on TV commercials in the 1970s. He then appeared in the Up the Academy comedy movie in 1980. From there, Ralph landed a regular role appearing in the Eight is Enough Television series in 1977.

However, his career breakthrough came in 1984 after he took the lead role in The Karate Kid. The film was a success and quickly gave him a celebrity status and a huge fan base. In 1986, the franchise released The Karate Kid Part II and III. Ralph was in both films and from there, he had solidified his acting career and more opportunities came knocking at his doorstep.