Skylar Lynnae Neil

The late Skylar Lynnae Neil is famous for being the daughter of singer Vince Neil. The 1961 American-born musician has been in the limelight for the longest because of his successful career as a singer.

Vince was the lead vocalist of Motley Crue, a heavy metal band that has been performing for decades. In 1995, Neil was hit by bad news when his daughter Skylar died shortly after being rushed to the hospital.

Despite the young angel dying at age 4, her family has continued to remember her. In 1999, her father filed charges against a company claiming that hazardous materials which have been buried underground might have led to his daughter’s death.

Who is Skylar Neil and How Did She Die?

Skylar Neil was the daughter of lead singer Vincent Neil and ex-wife Sharise. Her parents had tied the knot, early in life, welcoming her in 1991. Tragically, Skylar died at age four, when she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.

Despite doctors trying to save the little angel’s life, tumors in her body were getting worse than the doctors anticipated.

Neil revealed that the tumor in his daughter’s body weighed six and a half pounds, the same weight the young girl was born with.

Talking about his daughter’s condition, the singer revealed that he couldn’t bear to watch the young girl attached to all those tubes and machines. The singer spent endless hours with his wife beside his daughter’s bed but she died on August 15, 1995.

Skylar Neil’s Parents

Vince Neil and mud wrestler and fashion model Sharise Ruddell were the parents of Skylar. It is unknown when the duo met although they dated for a while before they exchanged vows in April 1987.

After four years of a blissful marriage, the duo welcomed their only daughter Skylar. Skylar’s parents divorced shortly after her birth.

Who is Vince Neil?

Vince Neil is a famous American musician, who came into the limelight as the lead vocalist for Motley Crue. The singer joined the band in 1981 after he was discovered while performing with Rock Candy, his band.

The newly formed band was so impressed with Neil’s performance that they invited him to join the band. He fitted well as the band’s lead vocalist and joined it as it released its debut album.

The band gained recognition quickly after they released the second album. Despite Neil being a better lead vocalist for the band, he was fired in 1991. The star had a drinking problem which was taking him down.

Neil failed to appear for a band’s rehearsal in February 1992, which triggered his firing. Other band members agreed that he was holding the group back, and had chosen to focus more on Race car driving.

Despite leaving the band in 1992, he reunited with the band in 1997. Neil’s solo career was declining and Motley Crue was not collecting as much as it used to. After agreeing they needed each other, he began working together with the band.