Paulette Mcneely

Paulette Mcneely is not someone easily found on the limelight. However, she can’t escape the reality that she is one of the mothers of Eddie Murphy’s 10 children. In fact, her son is the first child of Eddie Murphy.

It’s through this fact that Paulette Mcneely caught the public eye, and fans are curious to know more about her. Although Paulette isn’t publicly available, there is some information about her and her family that are worth knowing about. Stick around as we discuss them.

Who is Paulette Mcneely?

A quick and popular way of referring to Paulette Mcneely is that she is the ex-girlfriend of Eddie Murphy. Paulette is also the mother of the first of the ten children of Eddie Murphy. Thus, Paulette is best described as a celebrity girlfriend of Eddie Murphy.

However, Paulette hasn’t shared details about her life that allow fans to know her more. Besides, she didn’t stay much in the limelight for people to dig deeper and find out information on her.

Paulette is a private person. Although you might have expected her to use the limelight and grow a following, that’s not the case with her. Instead, she hid from the limelight during the period that she dated Eddie Murphy.

Relationship Status

Being a private person has made it difficult to get information on Paulette Mcneely. The only known relationship status was when she dated Eddie Murphy. The relationship was in 1989 but was short lived as the two separated for unknown reasons.

During their time together, Paulette welcomed Eddie’s first child, a son. Their son, Eric Murphy, is one of the ten children of Eddie Murphy. Paulette went more private after separating with Eddie and we have no facts on whether she got into another relationship or what status she currently has.

Who is Paulette Mcneely’s Son?

Eric Murphy is the only known child of Paulette Mcneely. He was born on July 10, 1989. Like his mother, Eric also loved staying away from the limelight. However, things changed for him after he started dating Jasmin.

Eric and Jasmine made their relationship public in June 2021, and has since then shared pictures on their social accounts for their fans to stay updated on their whereabouts. Dating Jasmine gave Eric a sense of the limelight and we are eager to see what his future will be like.

Who is Eddie Murphy?

In his active years, Eddie Murphy has been different things. He has worked as an American comedian, actor, and singer. Eddie was born on April 3, 1961, in New York City. He was the son of Lillian Murphy and Charles Edward Murphy.

His mother was a telephone operator, while his father was a transit officer and an amateur comedian and actor. Over his active years, Eddie has solidified his career and his career breakthrough and popularity was after appearing in The Saturday Night Live show as a regular cast member.

Notably, Eddie has ten children with different mothers and he loves all his children equally. His children also support their father and they have taken pictures together in celebration.