Kareena Chilombo

Kareena Chilombo is a celebrity sister, known for being the youngest Chilombo family member. Jhene Aiko is a famed artist who has collaborated with numerous famed singers including Drake and Beyonce among others.

Considering that Kareena’s sister has worked with celebrities, she is also a celebrity.  Kareena was born on August 16, 2000, making her the youngest in a family of seven siblings.

While she has attracted public attention, she has preferred a low-key life away from the spotlight. Most of her details remain private, making it tough to tell how she is doing. However, she is active on Instagram where she boasts a following of over 12K followers. Considering her Instagram is connected to an art page, she might be an artist.

Who are Kareena Chilombo’s Parents?

Kareena Chilombo is the daughter of Dr. Karamo Chilombo and his second wife. While details regarding his second wife have remained anonymous, he is believed to have sired three children with her, including Kareena, the youngest.

While Kareena has seven siblings, many of them are from her father’s first marriage, the family has held a close bond. During her eighteenth birthday, all her siblings, stepmother, and close relatives gathered at a Los Angeles restaurant to celebrate her big day.

Kareena’s Siblings

Kareena is proud to come from a large family. Her eldest sibling Miyoko Aiko Chilombo is a famous actress and costume designer. Miyoko was born on March 30, 1981, to Barnes and ex-wife Chritina Yamamoto.

Miyoko had a love for entertainment from a young age, which made her pursue a career in the field. He joined a group named GYRL which enabled her to star in various videos for famed personalities including Michael Jackson.

Mila J Chilombo is the second eldest sibling of Kareena. The musician was born on November 18, 1982, becoming the second member of the Chilombo family. Mila met Chris Stokes an American talent manager and filmmaker who hanged her life. She is a musician and since joining Silas Records, her career has been booming.

Jahi Chilombo is the eldest brother of Kareena. He was born on July 4, 1984, making him the eldest son of Dr. Chilombo. Like most of the family members, Jahi is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, as a DJ.

While Jahi has not grown as famous as some of his siblings, he is well known for performing in posh clubs. Moreover, he has an acting credit to his name. Besides his career, Jahi is a proud father of two children.

Miyagi Chilombo was another brother to Kareena who died in 2012 after battling with cancer for a long time. Miyagi was born in July 1986.

Jhene Aiko is a celebrity vocalist singer and the youngest half-sibling to Kareena. She was born on March 16, 1988 in Los Angeles. Jhene has grown to become an established pop star in her family. She worked for famous artists like Drake and Beyonce, but has since grown to a beautiful voice that has a huge fanbase.

Marcia and Dio Chilombo are the last two siblings of Kareena. The two are full siblings of Kareena although little is known about them.