Caleb James Goddard

Caleb James Goddard is an actor but his career hasn’t been as successful as that of his father. He is the celebrity son of Jack Nicholas and his father has created a legacy in the entertainment industry. As we focus on Caleb James Goddard, we will also discuss more about his father to understand how his career has influenced Caleb to also take up acting. Sounds interesting? Read on!

Who is Caleb James Goddard?

Although Caleb hasn’t cemented his career, he is an actor mainly known for Guilty as Charged (1991) and The Slap Maxwell Story (1987). Caleb was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, on September 26, 1970.

He is the son of Susan Anspach and Jack Nicholson. Caleb James Goddard has many half siblings, including Honey Hollman, Ray Nicholson, Lorraine Nicholson, Duke Nicholson, Tessa Gourin, etc. Caleb hasn’t kept his life in the limelight as such and most details about him are unavailable.

Caleb’s details regarding his educational background are unavailable. In fact, little is known about his early childhood.

Caleb James Goddard’s Biography

Caleb James Goddard’s Siblings

Caleb’s father is a father of six children. His first child was born in 1963 and he named him Nicholson, and his mother is Sandra Knight. The second child is Caleb Goddard and his mother is Susan Anspach. In 1981, Caleb’s father welcomed the third child, Honey Hollman, with model Winnie Hollman.

Caleb’s other siblings are Lorraine and Ray, and their mother is actress Rebecca Broussard. The youngest half sibling is Tessa Gourin, and she was born in 1994. Her mother is Jennine Gourin. You will realize that all Caleb’s siblings have different mothers.

Biography and Career of Caleb James Goddard

As mentioned earlier, apart from Caleb having his career as an actor, his father’s reputation is what has mainly pushed him into the limelight. Caleb is the son of Jack Nicholson, whose birth name is John Joseph Nicholson.

Caleb’s father was born in April 22, 1937. He hails from Neptune, New Jersey, and he is an American. Jack Nicholson is widely known for being a producer, actor, director, and screenwriter. In his career, he has won several awards, including being a three-time Academy Award winner with twelve nominations.

One thing that sets Jack Nicholson apart is that he is one of only two actors to ever receive an Oscar nomination in every decade since 1960 to 2000s. This record has set the bars high and raised his standards as an actor.

Growing up, Nicholson was made to believe that his mother was his sister and that his grandmother was his mother. He only came to discover the truth years later from a Time magazine journalist. Besides, details of his real father are unconfirmed. Nicholson is of Irish, German, English, and Scottish ancestry from his mother’s side.

Talking about career, Nicholson made his film debut in 1958 in The Cry Baby Killer. At the start, he only managed to get guest roles but his career breakthrough came in the 80s and that’s when he became a reputable Hollywood star.