Brigitte DeLuise

Brigitte DeLuise is a celebrity wife and her fame is courtesy of her being the wife David DeLuise. Her husband has built a career in the entertainment industry as an actor. Through his reputation, his wife became famous. Moreover, Brigitte is the mother of Riley DeLuise and, like her father, she has also made a career in the entertainment industry as an actress. By reading this guide, you will learn more about Brigitte DeLuise and her family.

Biography of Brigitte DeLuise

Brigitte DeLuise grew to fame for being the wife of a celebrity. She hit the limelight after getting married to actor David DeLuise. Before that, nothing was known about Brigitte. Still, she has kept a low profile and even after getting the celebrity status, she has preferred keeping most details about herself private.

Everything About Brigitte DeLuise

Who is Brigitte DeLuise? Brigitte is an American born in California State, USA. Her ethnicity is White-American and her precise birth date is unknown. She is the mother of Riley and Dylan DeLuise. However, other details about her, such as her early childhood, educational background, and family history remain unknown.

Brigitte DeLuise’s Marriage

Brigitte DeLuise became famous after her first marriage. She got married to David DeLuise in 1994 and they held the wedding in a private party at a local church. Their wedding party was in Los Angeles, California.

As a couple, they welcomed their first child, Riley DeLuise on August 4, 1993. Riley was born before the two held legal process for their marriage. However, three years into their marriage, they welcomed another child in 1997. The family lived in their home in Los Angeles, California.

Brigitte and her husband began having marriage issues that affected their relationship, leading to a divorce in May 2003. The couple had been together for eights years and seven months but their issues lead them to part ways.

After the divorce, Brigitte sued her father-in-law on claims that he wanted to cut her off financially after divorcing David DeLuise.

Brigitte DeLuise’s Net Worth

Brigitte’s career is unknown and no sources of income have been shared publicly. However, her ex-husband was wealthy and his net worth was $10 million. All his wealth is attributed to his career but he also came from a rich family as his father had a net worth of $9 million.

Who is Brigitte’s Ex-Husband?

Brigitte got married to David DeLuise and the two welcomed two children. Her ex-husband was born in November 11, 1971, in Burbank, California, USA. His reputation is because he is an actor, producer, and director. Moreover, his father, Dom DeLuise, is also a reputable actor and his influence passed on to his son.

David DeLuise became a household name after her took up the role of Jerry Ruso in the “Wizards of Waverly Place,” that went on to win an Emmy Award. He has been active in his career from 1979 and his roles in different films as an actor and director are what has helped him create a successful career and create his wealth.